Holiday Destinations in Sri Lanka

We are not just another Travel Agent who promote every available Hotel in Sri Lanka. Hotels that we promote are personally visited by our local Holiday experts.

We know Sri Lanka and we know what we do best. Count on us when you want to organize a Holiday in Sri Lanka or arrange a tour package to Sri Lanka  or even to book a Hotel in Sri Lanka.

Golden beaches, marvellous mountains, lush green forests, undisturbed wildlife, historic cities or friendly people, whatever you are looking for, Sri Lanka is the only holiday destination for you that offers all the above. One of the best climates which changes within a few hours or few miles away. Sri Lanka , the beautiful Mango shaped island, is on the Indian Ocean south of India and is widely known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Being a multi-cultural country with a total population of around 20 million, Sri Lanka is very unlikely to be described without a great description as the island is in possession of multi cultural values such as traditional dances, elephants, masked devil dance and Ruins are a few.

Visitors to the island greatly appreciate the hospitality of Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka always welcomes you with a warm & friendly smile and the delicious local food is definetly a treat to your taste buds.

Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in South Asia. English language is widely spoken within the island. Everywhere around the country you might be able to meet up someone who could help you if were in need. Getting around the city is just as easy as getting into a TUK TUK (Trishaws) also known as three-wheelers which is comparatively cheaper than luxury vehicles and very quick in getting to your destination.