Arugambay Surfing

Tucked away on the South Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, about 300 kms from Colombo, is the lazy little fishing village of Arugambay – richly endowed with a beautiful stretch of ocean and vast expanses of deserted beach. For many years a popular sea side holiday resort for local travelers, Arugambay has grown in the last twenty years into a bi attraction for lovers of the surf, who coverage on it in numbers from different parts of the world to indulge in their favourite hobby of surfing and to enjoy the bonus of a cheap, easy going, hassle-free lifestyle among friendly Sri Lankan people.

Arugam Bay Surfing

Arugambay is unique, in that it enjoys the distinct advantage of being unaffected by the ravages of two monsoons which hit the island each from opposite directions – the south-west and north-east – phenomenon which makes Arugambay a ‘year round’ destination with excellent weather and ideal conditions for a nice, relaxed holiday away from it Another rare phenomenon which sets Arugambay apart from other tourist destinations is that despite its popularity among visitors it manages to retain its natural beauty, charm, simplicity and above all, a tranquil atmosphere which makes it a an ‘unspoilt’ holiday resort offering low budget trailers a perfect getaway. Away from the sea and the sand, Arugambay has a wealth of magnificent inland landscapes for the nature lover. A sleepy lagoon which comes alive with an abundance of indigenous and migratory bird life in the European winter, plus the remains of an ancient heritage in the form of temples and monasteries.

Sri Lanka’s biggest wildlife sanctuary the Yala National Park and one of the most venerated Hindu shrines in the country – Kataragama, are also easily accessible from Arugambay. Accommodation is as modest as the village itself, with very basic facilities available in several small hotels or guest houses which continue to provide unpretentious ‘ homely’ accommodation with no such luxuries as air conditioning, for instance. However, there are also a few hotels which are star class and provide up to date luxuries / facilities.

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