Undiscovered Beach Locations

Most people around the world select beach vacations in order to replenish their energy and enjoy some quality, stress-free time. Taking a much deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, by relaxing in an awe-inspiring beach paradise, is the perfect way of re-energizing for the future.Many of these vacations, however, can be overcrowded and pricey, limiting the relaxation effect. The location experts at Lamudi have taken the time to list some of the most precious beach locations, which still offer buckets of charm for a fraction of the cost of some of the busier tourist hotspots.

Black River, Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and dazzling white beaches. Even though it is a famous tourist attraction, there are some hidden virgin beaches. Of particular note, the Black river which is located in the western part and is less populated and more rural than other parts of the Island. On the one hand this beach is ideal for relaxation as it offers a drier climate than is typical in the region. Furthermore the Black River offers amazing beaches, stunning waterfalls as well as hiking trails.

Black River, Mauritius

Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Located between Dar es Salaam and the Indian Ocean, this fabulous destination will provide you with awholly original and unique experience and is sure to widen your horizon! Despite its proximity to the city of Dar es Salaam,this beach offers a wide variety of local fauna and fungi as well as other tropical plants that may well excite the attention of tourists and locals.This combination is sure to give you a unique and relaxing holiday.

Mbezi Beach Tanzania

Mombasa, Kenya

Bordering on the Indian Ocean,Mombasa is located in the second largest city in Kenya. Because of the palm trees and gorgeous white beaches Mombasa provides a beautifully relaxing and tropical atmosphere to its vacationers. Scuba diving and deep sea fishing are available in this area for those who seek little adventures. A healthy temperature averaging around 30 degree Celsius and the warm water of the Indian Ocean, make this place a popular destination for beach lovers. Since there are several notable local cuisines in Mombasa, you can be confident that you will find your culinary tastes and preferences met and satisfied.


Nungua, Accra, Ghana

This is another lovely beach in the African continent that is located in the famous Accra region. Although Nungua is only the 18th largest city in Ghana, it provides a surprisingly large number of exciting beaches compared to the other popular vacation destinations. Those who are looking for a new experience, will find Nungua to be an ideal destination located on Atlantic coast with many relaxing sunny beaches and ample supply of palm trees

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico is well known to tourists around the world as one of the best destinations for seaside vacations. Playa del Carmen has fabulous white beaches and the stunning weather customary for this part of the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern Region of Mexico. This coastal city is perfect for holidays as there are Shopping areas, exciting beach clubs and sporting activities. The delicious Mexican cuisine will definitely make your vacation a tasteful one!

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Tangerang, Indonesia

Tangerang is another unique yet undiscovered beachdestination that lies to the west of Jakarta. This area is full of green vegetation and indigenous wildlife. Because of the great Indonesian cuisine as well as the breath-taking water activities available to tourists in Tangerang, this location will no doubt prove to be an unforgettable one for you!

Tangerang Indonesia

Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

Located in the Batangas province of the Philippines which popular for its long beaches and scenic coves, Nasugbu is a truly beautiful and awe-inspiring place to visit. Since it is just a two hour ride from Manila, it offers quick solace and a halcyon atmosphere which is a fantastic change for those engaged in the busy city life of Manila. Thesebeaches are scenic with crystal colour water and stunning golden sand. Nasugbu is less crowded compared to the other Filipino tourist destinations.

Weligama Beach Sri Lanka

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama beach is a yet undiscovered tourist beach destination for many locals and foreigners that located in the southern tip of Sri Lanka.The literal meaning of this ideal beach destination is “Sandy Village” and it is a paradise for those who love surfing on blue water waves. One of the best things attracting foreigners to this place is tasteful Sri Lankan cuisine such as “Rice and Curry”.

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