Top 5 Cruise Packages

There is such a variety of cruises on offer today that a number of different top-five lists could be created in a number of niches. There could be a list of the top five food-and-wine cruises, cultural cruises, or top five cruises for children and so on. However, here`s a list that incorporates a variety of different style cruises, some which could take you to the most intriguing parts of the world.

A Nile cruise is always high on the list of favourite cruises. It is a perfect way to travel to the upper regions of Egypt, exploring first hand the hidden recesses of a country rich in culture and steeped in history. They vary in duration, but if you opt for a longer cruise it will incorporate a visit to Cairo and give you a chance to explore the pyramids.

A Hawaiian cruise could be considered to be the ultimate in romantic relaxation. The islands are picture perfect, with sparkling blue seas and miles of sandy white beaches. You will have a tranquil and peaceful break, but the great thing about Hawaii is that it has so much more to offer. There is a diverse wildlife, lush green forests, mountains and volcanoes, with each island offering something different and unique.

An African cruise would be high on any list. You could take in the delights of South Africa, stopping in Cape Town with its spectacular Table Mountain standing tall above the town. Many cruises also offer chances to visit other countries in the region, such as Madagascar, Mauritius and Namibia.

Why not try a cruise to South America and experience the variety of this amazing continent? After seeing all that the stunning port of Buenos Aires has to offer, the ship might move on to Uruguay and let you take in what once was the tallest building in South America, Ciudad Viejas. And Rio de Janeiro, of course, is an experience not to be missed.

Found just off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for a cruise. It has a tropical climate and is a perfect Garden of Eden, laden with exotic lush vegetation and with huge umbrella trees providing a little respite from the heat of the sun.

Whether you are searching for a budget-conscious cheap cruise or wanting to splash out on a more luxurious affair, the vast array of choices available to suit all requirements means that you are bound to find exactly the right one for you.

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