Revised Online Visa fee to Sri Lanka

Online visa fee to Sri Lanka has been revised as US$ 10 for SAARC countries and US$ 20 for other countries effective from 2012.

A processing fee of US$ 50 was earlier proposed to be charged per person when obtaining visa for Sri Lanka under the new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, however the move was met with opposition from neighboring India.

India, through its High Commission, request the fee be reduced for Indian nationals and tourists from other SAARC nations. So the Department of Immigration and Emigration has reduced the proposed fee from US$ 50 to US$ 10 for visitors from SAARC nations and to US$ 20 to all other visitors.

The new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) was introduced on September 30, in order to grant prior approval for visa online for foreign nationals instead of the ‘on arrival visa’ system.

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