Sri Lanka Holiday Clothing Guide

There are a few things that should be taken into consideration when visiting Sri Lanka. The country has a tropical climate and a high percentage of the population is Buddhist. Therefore your choice of clothing should not only be appropriate for the weather but also show respect for the beliefs and traditions of the locals.

Sri Lankan people tend to generally wear European-style clothing, usually in loose cotton or breathable fabrics and it would be advisable to follow their lead. The best and most appropriate style of clothing for those who are not used to hot climates would be lightweight, loose fitting and made of natural materials such as linen, silk and cotton.

You could, if you wish, opt for modern, breathable fabrics, but always try to stick to long sleeves as they will offer you some extra protection from the hot sun. Lighter-coloured items of clothing also work best to reflect the sun. Another advantage of lighter fabrics is that they are easy to wash and they dry very quickly. Of course, other absolutely essential items to remember are sun cream and sunglasses

In Sri Lanka, as in many countries, it is often necessary to dress conservatively so that you do not offend local sensitivities. One essential item of clothing for women might be a sarong or wrap-style item in case you find yourself in a situation that requires you to cover up. If you intend to visit a Buddhist temple, or other place of worship, it is important that your whole body, including the shoulders, is completely covered. It is worth remembering, however, that this only applies above the knee for leg wear. Should you choose to visit any Buddhist shrines, don`t forget to remove all footwear and hats.

For those who plan to visit the hill country, you should remember that the temperature tends to drop considerably when on higher ground, so it is important to take warmer items of clothing such as a jumper or shawl.

If travelling to Sri Lanka on business, bear in mind that business suits are rarely worn by men or women. But men should still wear smart clothes and they will be expected to wear a shirt and tie. For women, a smart skirt and blouse would be appropriate.

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