Spice Gardens in Sri Lanka

A visit to a spice garden on your way to or back from Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya or Dambulla, is no doubt going to add a little spice to your holiday or visit to Sri Lanka. Famous for it’s spices, Sri Lanka also has a history of spice trade with Greeks, Romans & Arabic for the quality.

Royal 100 Spice Garden in Matale

In Sri Lanka spices are used for various purposes from Medicine to Food. Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine, the Science of Long life , using natural remedies to achieve physical and mental well being. Herbs, spices and their natural oils figure prominently in Ayurveda massage and alternative therapies. Sri Lankan spices are used in a range of perfume, soap and other cosmetics, aromatherapy essential oils and Ayurveda toothpaste based on 24 herbs and spices.

Most spice gardens are situated in the central province of Sri Lanka. Matale is a well known city for it’s many spice gardens along the A9 road, between Kandy & Dambulla.

Matale also is also a historic city, as a site of a major battle in 1848 when the Matale Rebellion started and the British garrison in the Fort Macdowall in Matale was placed under siege by the rebels led by Weera Puran Appu and Gongalegoda Banda who are considered as national heroes in Sri Lanka. Also home to the famous Chariot Festival at Sri Muthumariamman Temple and Aluvihare Rock Temple.

On our visit to Matale we visited one of the best spice gardens in Matale, The Royal 100 Spice Garden. They have a range of plants and Mr. Imran was very kind enough to take us through the entire plantation explaining us about the plants and it’s uses. Also we’d like to thank the proprietor of The Royal 100 Spice Garden, Mr Niham for giving us a wonderful opportunity to visit the spice garden.

Mr Niham can be contacted on 0772-744229.

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