How To Make Your Holiday More Eco-Friendly.


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You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to make your holiday that little bit kinder to the planet. Just a few simple choices and swaps you might not have even considered can make a difference.

Does It Have To Be wings?

There is no way to get around the carbon emissions produced from flying. Taking this into account before you even choose your destination is the best place to start, can you get a train or ferry instead? It might mean a longer route, but this could be counteracted with a few stops on the way – meaning you get to stop in multiple locations and experience even more variety.

If you do end up jetting off, you can rest your conscience with something called ‘carbon offsetting’ which is a way to make up for the pollution. You can visit some of these organisations;, and, who then calculate your mileage and compensate for you by planting trees. You basically pay someone else to balance the scales.

Exploit Their Public Transport Services

If it’s available to you – why not use it? Buses, trains and even cycle hire alternatives are not only better for the atmosphere, but for your purse too. Walking is also an excellent way to experience more of the local area you came to see! Why sit in a taxi when you can feel the sun on your skin? You also have the freedom to explore your surroundings at your own pace, and perhaps discover a breath-taking view or hidden market?

Go With The Green Provider

The company you choose to travel with has a huge impact on how environmentally friendly your holiday will be. Do some research into their ethics; do they have connections with locals? Do they donate or help to conserve natural areas out there?

There are also a whole range of eco-friendly activities they can provide. For example Hotelopia offer a cycle tour around London, which is the perfect combination of traditional sight-seeing, healthy exercise and zero-emission transport.

This applies to booking accommodation too – look for places that make an effort to be good to the planet. Many hotels now use eco-friendly energy alternatives, and are designed to conserve heat or make simple cuts to their washing loads; every little helps.

Give Something Back

There are some very exciting and unique opportunities out there to go on specially designed conservation and wildlife rehabilitation holidays. This is an amazing way to spend time off, helping communities and nature, whilst still experiencing the benefits of being abroad. Some of the most iconic and popular of these trips are all only a few clicks away, check them out:

–          Elephant Conservation in Thailand

Spending a week volunteering can be a great way to incorporate giving back into your holiday. A good idea is to strike a balance, and spend some time after the package has finished relaxing and visiting the local sights.

Going on holiday doesn’t have to be all about you. These eco-friendly tips are a great way to give something back while you enjoy the sunshine. Whether your gesture is big or small, every little helps.

Do have any eco-friendly holiday tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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