The Best of Matara, Sri Lanka

Matara is located on the southern coast of Southern Province of Sri Lanka. About 160 km from Colombo the Capital. It is also close to Galle which is about 45 kms.

Matara Fort Sri Lanka

Dutch rampart

The little Dutch rampart occupies the promontory separating the Nilwala Ganga from the sea. Built in the 18th century to protect the VOC’s kachcheri (administrative office), its structure is a little peculiar – it was originally meant to be a fort, but accountants, with their pesky cost-cutting exercises, dictated otherwise.

The thickness of the rampart is impressive when you stand on top of it. There are few Dutch colonial buildings and an atmospheric old fort area which has much of the charm but none of the tourists of Galle well worth a couple of hours if you’re in the vicinity.

Polhena Beach

The best beach in the area is hugely popular with locals at weekends who rent goofy inflatable toys and frolic in the surf. It’s just west of town. Polhena can be quite empty during the week, although get’s a little crowded in the weekends with locals.

Dondra Head

Dondra Head is a cape on the extreme southern tip of Sri Lanka and very close to Matara. It has a Lighthouse which makes it even beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you go to Matara.
If you’re looking for accommodation there are plenty of places around. Also there are some fine restaurants. One of the hotels in Matara is Solis which has a nice restaurant and large banquet halls.


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