5 Steps to Successful Holidays with Infants

Having a baby doesn’t mean you need to stay chained at home for the next 18 years. In fact, you can start to travel even while your baby is still in diapers. Of course, traveling with an infant creates some additional challenges. However, with the right planning, preparation, and tools, you can give yourself and your baby a wonderful holiday.

Here are five steps you can take to ensure that your holiday stays fun for everyone:

1) Check for family-friendly accommodations and attractions.

Some hotels would love to have you and your baby along. Others are crowded with noisy college kids intent on celebrating the fact that they can legally buy beer. To find out how family-friendly a spot is, read through reviews and call ahead to ensure that the baby-related amenities (e.g., a changing table and baby bedding) are provided.

Similarly, you can check into family-friendly attractions and restaurants in the area. Most of the major websites that list area attractions have the option to search only for family-oriented options, and tourist websites tend to have a section devoted to family activities.

2) Look for day care options in the area.

Even if you’re planning to keep your child with you for the duration of the trip, you should know your options for getting some time on your own. It’s wise to check on the rates, hours, and phone numbers for local nurseries, and to look into childcare services offered by your family-friendly hotel. Additionally, many cruise lines, spas, and gyms offer a nursery service. If you would like more information about finding family friendly hotels feel free to contact ToursLK.com.

3) Prepare a holiday baby bag.

In addition to packing the standard items to take care of your infant, you should put together some holiday essentials. Recommended items include:

  • A “beach kit”: sunscreen, “stay on” sunglasses, a sunhat, and a swim nappy.
  • A “moisturizing kit”: baby-friendly moisturizing cream and moisturizing wash.
  • A “diaper kit”: Travel-sized baby wipes, a changing pad, hand sanitizer, and diaper rash ointment.
  • A “feeding kit”: A spare bib, spare jarred food, and a spare burp cloth.

4) Make a transportation plan.

Infants can have wild reactions to new experiences. You can take your child on a boat or a plane, but you should do research into ways to help your baby cope with the new environment.

For example, if you’re taking a plane, you can plan ahead to reduce or eliminate layovers, call the airline to request a bassinet, reserve a seat in the bulkhead, and schedule flights during your child’s regular nap time. Conduct research and prepare for any transportation type that will be new for baby.

Additionally, if you are not used to taking a stroller or sling bag onto public transportation, some research—and, if possible, practice—is a wise step in trip preparation. You can find lots of information around the web to help you pick the right transportation for your baby with larger retailers offering free guides on how to assemble different kinds of pushchairs and strollers.

5) Research baby-friendly regions.

While almost all major destinations have child-friendly regions, not all regions will be child-friendly. Be aware of areas that have a tendency toward sudden noise, an absence of childcare amenities in public restrooms, or just a lack of parks or activities for your infant. Spend some time looking into the most and least accommodating areas within your destination.

By taking these five simple steps, you can eliminate holiday headaches and enjoy your vacation, all while giving your baby another memorable “first.”

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